Holy Eucharist

Every Sunday the community of Holy Apostles gathers for our “big thing,” the most important thing we do: Holy Eucharist.

The word Eucharist means “Thanksgiving.”

Holy Eucharist is our collective act of Thanksgiving to God.   Our entire Sunday morning worship service is called Holy Eucharist.  It consists of two parts: The Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion.

The Liturgy of the Word is a time time of gathering together, of singing songs, and of reading Scripture.  In the Sermon, the Scripture is explored in relation to our daily lives, our society, and current events, and to the ancient Christian tradition that we have inherited.   The Liturgy of the Word is completed with the Nicene Creed, prayers for ourselves and for the world, and a strange and ancient ritual called “The Peace.”

+ download one of our recent service guides for Holy Eucharist here.

Holy Communion is a prayer that the community prays together, led by a priest or a bishop, in which we ask God to become present to us.  It begins with an offering, where we present to God our gifts, which include simple bread and simple wine.  We believe that in Holy Communion, by our gathering, and by our faith, Jesus Christ becomes present to us in elements of bread and wine.  The bread is broken, and the cup offered to all baptized Christians as a sign and sacrament of reconciliation to God and to each other.  Through this act, we are unified together with each other and with Christ.