Announcements – 2/2/2020


† We will bless candles for Candlemas immediately following Morning Prayer this morning, which begins at 8:30AM.  Blessed candles will be available at the 10AM service of Holy Eucharist (see today’s Note from the Rector for more information).

† Healing Prayer will be offered today, February 2, at the 10AM service.

† Are you friendly?  We need you! Our greeter ministry is one of the key ministries of our church.  Greeters welcome visitors, make people comfortable, hand out service leaflets and take up offering.  They make sure the service runs smoothly. Starting in October, we will be organizing a monthly Greeters breakfast with the Rector, probably at a local restaurant.  If you’re interested in serving God in this way, talk to Jim Jervis or Fr. James.

† Morning Prayer is offered at 8:30AM on Sunday mornings and at 9:15AM Tuesdays through Fridays.  Anyone can pray the service privately using the Book of Common Prayer or one of a number of smartphone apps!  See the last section of the digital edition of the “Acts of the Apostles” for details.


† Our annual Connect by Night shelter program concluded last month. We made over 1,500 lunches and provided many different gifts to our guests, who were very thankful for the support. Thanks to all the many people who took part this month, and particularly to our weekly supply captains: Peter Patton, Lyn DeSilets, Michelle Gallagher and family (thanks also for the socks), Judy and Jim Jervis and Beth Johnson. Thanks also to the Philadelphia Bible Reform Church, the Woestmanns (who organized a book distribution), and the Gentiles (who covered Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

† There are lots of opportunities to participate in Holy Apostles Outreach through our various programs:

      – Delivering items to a food pantry in Northeast Philadelphia

      – Meals at Darby Mission (3/17). Other ideas are welcome.

Children and Youth

† Nursery childcare is available during the 10:00AM Sunday service for children ages 3 and younger in the Godly Play Room.

† The Holy Apostles Choir School is off and running.  If you have a potential student, apply today.  More information is available at Please forward this information to friends and neighbors who may be interested. Contact Deb Stambaugh if you have any questions.

Parish Life

† Please don’t miss the Annual Parish Meeting and luncheon after our 10AM worship, Sunday, February 2.  We’ll review our budget for the year, elect new vestry members, and praise God for all the wonderful things happening in this place. In an effort to cut down on paper waste, print copies of reports will not be provided at the meeting. We will digitally project information during the meeting. Print copies of the 2020 Budget will be provided. You can also print your own: Visit the Annual Meeting page to access the budget and all reports in a printable format.

† If you have an announcement to be included in Acts of the Apostles, please send it to before Thursday at noon of each week.

† Don’t forget to enter the church through the Parish office door and grab a “Church Member” badge from the office during Daycare hours (7:00AM – 6:00PM Mon-Fri)!

† The Cash for Causes Program at Giant Supermarket:

· Purchase through JT Wertz

· 5% of card value is given to Holy Apostles operating fund.

· Can be used in store or when ordering Giant groceries through Peapod online delivery service.


† Join us for BASICS class, every 3rd Sunday at 9AM.

· Third Sunday Basics Class will continue February 16 with a class called “What is liturgy?”

† Bible Study on Deuteronomy, Thursdays at 11AM.  All are welcome.

† FacePsalm online study of the Psalms:

From the Deacon’s Desk # 1

Starting my first day at Holy Apostles, I began saying Morning Prayer at 8am in the quire section of the church every morning that I am at the church.  I will continue this practice, and will announce in the weekly announcements, on the website, and/or on Facebook what my schedule will be each week.  Anyone and everyone (including children) are most welcome to join me for Morning Prayer anytime.

Morning Prayer from the BCP is a beautiful service and is very ancient.  Our version of the service, along with Evening Prayer and Compline, are derived from the Daily Office prayed by English Benedictine monks and nuns in the late Middle Ages.  The Christian pattern of praying at certain times of the day ultimately descends from Jewish daily prayer practices from the time of Jesus’ first apostles (see Acts 3:1)!

I believe prayer—including, but not limited to Morning Prayer—is the cornerstone of the Church.  I want it to be the centerpiece of everything that I do at Holy Apostles.  I know that some might like to be present for Morning Prayer at the church but are prohibited by time or distance constraints.  God honors prayer from any location!  I encourage each of you to pray every day, whether you use the Book of Common Prayer (a magnificent thing to do!), or not; whether you are able to come to the church building itself, or not.  Please pray: pray for me and for each other.  Pray for our neighborhoods, our country, and our world.

If you want to give Morning Prayer from the Prayer Book a try on your own, but are unsure of how it works, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

With love,

Deacon James