Children and Youth

Church of the Holy Apostles is a place where children belong.

Whether they are in our nursery care (infant to 3 years old), our Sunday School program, or sitting with parents in the worship service; whether they are acolytes, or choir members; whether they are coloring under the pew, or dancing in the aisles; screaming, singing, crying: we believe that the presence of Children is a blessing, and a joy.  We seek to include children in our worship.

Jesus said: Let the children come unto me.

Children who have been baptized are encouraged to receive Communion, or may receive a blessing from the priest.

If would like your child of any age to be baptized, speak to (or email) a clergy person!


Our nursery service was suspended in Fall 2021 in order to comply with COVID-19 recommendations and has not restarted at this time. PLEASE KNOW THAT ALL CHILDREN are welcome in ANY worship service. We believe that the presence of Children is a blessing and a joy. We hope you will always feel comfortable bringing your young family members with you when you worship with us. Screaming babies and dancing children don’t disturb anyone at Holy Apostles, least of all the preacher.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a joyful time of age-appropriate learning and fun for children ages 3-15. For a schedule and more information check out our Sunday School page.


Our 2022 Confirmation and Dragons class will be confirmed by The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez, XVI Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, on Sunday, December 11, 2022.

If would like your child to be confirmed at a future date, speak to (or email) a clergy person!