A Note from the Rector – 08/08/2021

I am very happy to announce that we have a new Parish Administrator. Katie Gentile officially joined the church’s staff as our administrative extraordinaire this week. I use the qualifier “officially” because, over a year ago in the height of the pandemic lockdown, Katie stepped in to create our weekly service leaflets, and over the course of time has steadily volunteered to take on more and more responsibilities, including the weekly email and reviving the monthly print newsletter, and much more. She’s done all of this out of the kindness of her heart and love for the church, but also with great skill and attention to detail.

Meanwhile the vestry and I have been working on creating a job description and doing all the things necessary to hire a new administrative assistant to replace our previous staff person who left during the pandemic to move back home. As we completed that task, it became very clear to me that Katie was going to be the best candidate for the job that we could ever hope to find. Thankfully, she accepted the offer.

I am extremely grateful for all that’s she done for the church as a volunteer, and I am extremely grateful that she is now stepping into this role. You’ll find her office hours posted in the weekly email, and you can contact her using the church’s phone number 610-642-6617 or the office email: holyapostlespa@gmail.com. As a way of showing gratitude why not send her a favorite recipe, restaurant review, poem, short story, praise report, or other contribution for our monthly newsletter?

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