Acts of the Apostles – 06/06/2021

Week of June 6, 2021
Photo of the Sunday School Picnic 2019

Join us this Sunday, June 6, for the 2021 Sunday School Picnic
on the lawn following the 10am service.

This Sunday

2nd Sunday after Pentecost – Proper 5

10AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II
Social distancing and masks required
Watch the broadcast on our YouTube channel
Service Material can be found on our website

Scripture readings
Genesis 3:8-15
Psalm 130
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
Mark 3:20-35

A Note from the Rector

This Sunday marks the return of regular congregational singing. It puts me in mind of the great one-liner attributed to St. Augustine: “To sing is to pray twice.” That is, the content of the songs we sing constitute a prayer, and the art form of singing constitutes prayer in and of itself. Scripture identifies singing as a particularly important part of worshipping the One True God. Think of the heavenly worship scene that we read last week in Isaiah 6, where the mysterious angelic beings with six wings hover above God’s throne perpetually singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Think of the Psalms, all of them songs meant for singing that frequently encourage us to sing God’s praises. Psalm 95:1: “Come, let us sing to the LORD; let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation”—is representative of dozens of similar verses. In the New Testament there is the curious story of St. Paul and his fellow missionary Silas, who are arrested in the Greek city of Philippi and thrown in jail. They can’t sleep due to the horrible conditions. So, in the middle of the night, they sing praises to God. Their singing gives way to an earthquake the only effect of which is that the prisoner’s chains rattle off and the jail doors open (Acts 16:25-30). 
There is something about singing, especially singing in a group, that transcends the moment. Singing is more than the sum of its parts. Something happens that is greater than the physical description of a collection of vocal cords producing sound waves. There is something unifying about singing together in a group. It produces a solidarity that is an important part of our worship and our Communion with God and each other. 
The simple act of singing a hymn together has been sorely missed lo these 14 months. I’m glad to be able to sing with you once again. This isn’t a return to exactly how things were before the pandemic. This is a new phase, a new normal. But it does mark a return of sorts. Our singing voices were in exile, and now they can return to lift our hearts, and our spirits toward God. It is a strange irony maybe, but I think congregational singing—which may transmit the virus if not done carefully—is an important part of healing our collective pandemic trauma. The psalmist said it best:
How good it is to sing praises to our God!
    how pleasant it is to honor him with praise!
 The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem;
    he gathers the exiles of Israel.
 God heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:1-3)


You can view our live-stream on our YouTube channel.  
A link to this video will be posted to Facebook.

Sunday, June 6, 2021 – 2nd Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 5 
Holy Eucharist, Rite II with Prayers of Spiritual Communion 10AM
The Rev. James Stambaugh, celebrant & preacher

Sunday, June 13, 2021 – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 6
Holy Eucharist, Rite II with Prayers of Spiritual Communion 10AM
The Rev. James Stambaugh, celebrant & preacher

Weekday Meetings

Zoom Compline is held every night at 7:30PM
A brief time of prayer and checking in with other members of CHA
“Zoom Compline has been really helped me through this difficult time.  It’s such a great way to close the day.” – CHA Member
Follow this link to join:
or call into the meeting toll-free 1-888-475-4499 Callers will be promoted to enter this meeting ID: 233 415 613 and passcode: love

Zoom Bible Study is held every Thursday at 11AM
We are doing a combined study of the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Please join us as we discover a new view on the never-changing promises of God. No previous experience required.
Follow this link to join:
or call 1-888-475-4499 US Toll-free You will be prompted to enter this meeting ID: 788 355 291
and passcode: love

*note: the passcode for all CHA Zoom meetings is “love”

Outreach – Up Next

The next proposed Food Pantry event will be this Wednesday, June 9th. If you are able, please consider bringing your donation to church with you on Sunday for distribution to the mission. We are accepting the usual food items, as well as some “School’s Out” needs for the pantry. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Pasta & Sauce                     * Sunscreen                    
* Peanut Butter                       * Children’s sunglasses                   
* Canned Tuna                       * Band-aids                   
* Mayonnaise                         * Wrap bandages                   
* Cereal                                  * Laundry detergent pods                   
* Tea bags                   
* Lemonade mix

As always, thank you for your generous contributions to those in need in our communities – Love in Action.


Please join us on the lawn!  BYOB and snacks. While we are not yet able to share food, we can share fellowship and time together! Weather permitting.

As some restrictions have been lifted, we are now allowed to gather for fellowship following the 10 AM Sunday service. A list has been been posted outside of the church office with summer dates. We will need volunteers to sign up to provide a cold beverage out on the lawn. At this time, no cookies or snacks are necessary, given the current restrictions in place.

We are looking to install a “little free library” and “little free pantry” on the corner of our property abutting the Wynnewood Valley Park. At this time we are in search of someone who has the necessary skill to create the pantry box for this endeavor. If you have those skills, or can refer a craftsman who might be interested in creating this item, contact Margaret Paschal– (727) 808-7841

We are looking for someone to head up the Flower Guild. If you are interested in taking on this role, contact Patty Wertz(610) 909-2826

You can learn about this group in the May 16 Note from the Rector and you are encouraged to consider making a commitment to this group. To join or if you have questions, contact Nancy Haas (610-220-8792) or Fr. James.

There is now a form on our website that you can use

Between now and June 27th, you may bring your old flags and leave them in the designated container in front of the church to be included in a flag burning ceremony held by Jim Jervis on Monday, June 28, at the Lulu Shrine in Plymouth Meeting. This ceremony will include the flag that flew over St. Faith’s for many years.

Volunteers are need to help with watering during the summer months.  All equipment is on site.  Anyone interested in helping can reach out to Deb Stambaugh at (505) 980-4300 

Masks and appropriate distancing will continue to be observed. We look forward to seeing you back at church if you feel comfortable there. Services will also continue to be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

During this time, the rector and trained Eucharistic ministers may visit others to bring them the Eucharist. Meeting in outdoor spaces of homes will be preferred. Contact Fr. James if you would like to schedule a visit. 

You can still mail pledge contributions to the church at this time.  The mail is checked regularly.  You can also securely give online.  Go to and click on the “Give” button on the top right hand corner of the webpage.

Diocesan News

Our diocese has created an online platform where you can find inspirational videos, sermons by the bishop and other clergy, and online services.  Visit DioPA One Love Online:

Part of the diocese’s The Mental Health and Wellness Series for Youth, we will cover mental health topics such as transitioning through changes/life, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and finding joy/ peace. Each event offers a different topic participants may even get to choose. The Mental Health and Wellness Series offer education/support tools as well as a safe space for youth to speak and listen to one another who may be experiencing similar  life experiences.

This Thursday, June 10, join us as we address grief and loss.  This event is exclusively for teenagers. To register for this event, go here.

An online diocesan service will be held on Saturday, June 19th from 4-5:30PM

Special music will include the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas Gospel Choir. The event will mark the launch of the Loving Presence initiative to dismantle racism in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. More information and registration to attend can be found here:

Happy Birthday!

The following folks have birthdays in the month of June.

5th     Judy Jervis
8th     Caroline Meiers
13th    Olivia Neff
19th    Abby Henderson
21st    Al Brokes
26th    Bob Monk
27th    Dave Smith
30th    Peter Mustered and JT Wertz

If your birthday, or the birthday of another parishioner in your family is missing, please notify the Parish Office at

Our mailing address is:
1020 Remington Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096 

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