Acts of the Apostles – 03/07/2021

Week of March 7, 2021

This Sunday

10AM Holy Eucharist

Limited to 20 in-person attendees
Social distancing and masks required – Sign Up
Watch the broadcast on our YouTube channel
Service Material can be found on our website  
Scripture readings
Exodus 20:1-17
Psalm 19
1 Corinthians 1:18-25
John 2:13-22

A Note from the Rector

Monasticism began in the desert.  In the 3rd century Christianity was changing.  In its first two centuries, Christianity was a small, underground and persecuted movement.  But, in the 3rd century that changed dramatically, as the Emperor Constantine first decreed that Christianity would be officially tolerated in the Roman Empire, and then elevated Christianity to a preferential place in the Empire.  Suddenly, being a Christian was cool.  It quickly became the religion of the elite and those who had or wanted to have status in Roman society.  In the first two centuries, martyrdom at the hands of the empire was an important part of the identity of the church.  When that changed, the authentic spirituality of the Church (apart from those who were just looking for power or status) found that it needed to refocus.  The new focal point became the desert.  Starting in the 300s, many people from every social class heard the call of the Gospel in a radical way.  They sold all their possessions, and they took off for the desert.  At first it was just solitary hermits—ultimate experts in social distancing—but as the movement took off communities of people who shared a common life of prayer and service began to form.  The epicenter of this movement was the deserts of Egypt and Palestine.  Some of these early monastic communities are still around, for instance, St. Catherine’s Monastery near Mt. Sinai.  Over time, the wisdom and teaching of these desert monastics was collected and distributed in collections of sayings.  This material makes for excellent Lenten reading.  Notably, this was a movement in which thousands of women participated and had leadership roles.  While, male monastics have often been the focus of subsequent study and devotion, there is much evidence that women played a very prominent role in the early desert monastic movement.  [more]


You can view our live-stream on our YouTube channel.  
A link to this video will be posted to Facebook.
To attend in person, please sign up to reserve your spot.

Sunday, March 7, 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Lent
Holy Eucharist, Rite II with Prayers of Spiritual Communion 10AM
Live-streamed, In-person attendance limited to 20
The Rev. James Stambaugh, celebrant & preacher

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 – The BCP Daily Office
Every Tuesday in Lent 
 8:30 AM – Morning Prayer, BCP p.75  – YouTube
12:00 PM – Noonday Prayer, BCP p.103- Zoom
 5:30 PM – Evening Prayer, BPC p.115 – YouTube
 7:30 PM – Compline, BCP p.127 – Zoom
The Rev. James Stambaugh, officiant

Sunday, March 14, 2021 – 4th Sunday of Lent
Holy Eucharist, Rite II with Prayers of Spiritual Communion 10AM
Live-streamed, In-person attendance limited to 20
The Rev. James Stambaugh, celebrant & preacher

Zoom Complineis heldevery night at 7:30PM
A brief time of prayer and checking in with other members of CHA
“Zoom Compline has been really helped me through this difficult time.  It’s such a great way to close the day.” – CHA Member
Follow this link to join:
or call into the meeting toll-free 1-888-475-4499 Callers will be promoted to enter this meeting ID: 233 415 613
and passcode: love

Zoom Bible Study is held every Thursday at 11AM
We are just starting a combined study of the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Now is a great time to join us as we get ready to discover a new view on the never-changing promises of God. 
Follow this link to join:
or call 1-888-475-4499 US Toll-free
You will be prompted to enter this meeting ID: 788 355 291 and passcode: love

*note: the passcode for all CHA Zoom meetings is “love”

Outreach – Up Next

Lenten Service Project
To show continued support for helping with food scarcity issues in the community
Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but those who are kind to the needy honor him..
Proverbs 14:31 NRSV
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Darby Mission

During Lent our goal is to help stock and replenish the Darby mission Food Pantry and School Supplies. Below is a “top ten” list of items that would be required to meet the needs of Rev. Doris’ clients. Other non-perishable items also accepted. Children and Youth could be encouraged to concentrate on school supplies while the Adults of the congregation could take on the food and personal hygiene items.  
School Supplies most needed: crayons, glue sticks, composition notebooks, pencils 
Food and Hygiene items most needed: pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, cereal, tampons 
Drop off location: In the room off the church narthex. Items will be picked up on Sundays and Wednesdays. Collection will run from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. 

Connect by night

Some have asked about delivering pizzas or donuts and coffee directly to the mission. You can deliver these items, or have them delivered, to: Connect By Night, 7200 Court Ave, Upper Darby PA 19082

THANK YOU for your continued support of those
in need in our communities.

Cassie Woestman, Outreach Chairperson, contact info:
Phone/Text: 610-608-5440


+ Casting call for the reading of the Passion Children and adults alike are invited to participate in a pre-recorded video reading of the Passion According to St. Mark for our Palm Sunday service.  We have small and large parts available, as well as several small groups (disciples, accusers, crowd, etc.) which are great opportunities for families to participate together.  Please email Judi or Joe Zorc at or, and we will assign you a role according to your preference.  You can record in your own home and submit your video to Joe by Friday, March 19th. 

+ Lenten Reading – THIS SUNDAY beginning at 11:15am we will be having our first group discussion of our All Parish Book Reading of Esther De Waal’s Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict  Please join us – whether you’ve finished the book, started the book, or haven’t quite gotten around to it as yet. We will be using the Compline Zoom link.

+ Church Service Attendance – Based on guidelines from Bishop Daniel and a corresponding vote by your Vestry, beginning February 7 the maximum number of attendees will be raised to 20 persons. Masks and appropriate distancing will continue to be observed. We look forward to seeing you back at church if you feel comfortable there. Services will also continue to be livestreamed. Please note that you must pre-register to attend service to allow us to  continue keeping with our safe practices. If you are serving (organist, reader, cantor, tech, usher, etc.) please remember to sign up as well.

+ Sunday School: Sunday School will be held online via Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month for preschool (5 years old) through 8th grade.  You can join Sunday School using this link (all ages welcome):
We’re looking for more teachers! If you would like to be involved in this exciting ministry, contact Peter Patton:

+ Bible Study: Every Thursday at 11AM (currently on Zoom). We are just starting a combined study of the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Now is a great time to join us as we get ready to discover a new view on the never-changing promises of God. . Join us anytime using this link:

+ One Love: Our diocese has created an online platform where you can find inspirational videos, sermons by the bishop and other clergy, and online services.  Visit DioPA One Love Online:

+Eucharistic Visits: During this time, the rector and trained Eucharistic ministers may visit others to bring them the Eucharist. Meeting in outdoor spaces of homes will be preferred.  Contact the rector if you would like to schedule a visit. 

+Giving: You can still mail pledge contributions to the church at this time.  The mail is checked regularly.  You can also securely give online.  Go to and click on the “Give” button on the top right hand corner of the webpage.  

+ Online Worship: Online worship continues!  We will be live-streaming each Sunday at 10AM.  We will be calling on our virtual choir to provide music for us, and there will be occasional readings from members at home.  It’s all happening on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

+ Happy Birthday! The following folks have birthdays in the month of March.
1st      Isabel Brown Aquino
2nd     Nancy Haas
          Matt Hillis
5th      Preslee Gallagher
6th      Christina King Smith
          Mackey Vroome
26th    Edmund Stambaugh
28th    Jennie Mustered
          Christine Vroome
31st    Alex Dupre
If your birthday, or the birthday of another parishioner in your family is missing, please notify the Parish Office at

Our mailing address is:
1020 Remington Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096 

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