A Note from the Rector – 12/06/2020

The feast of Christmas is nearly here.  It is a wonderful time of year when we remember that God became a human being for the sake of love; that God loved us so much that Jesus came to us—not as one with great power, prestige, or wealth, but as a helpless child who was born of a young woman named Mary in a stable in Bethlehem. 
This year our celebration will be different.  We will not be able to gather in large numbers on Christmas Eve and most of our worship and celebration will be online.  However, we will still mark the great mystery and beauty of Christmas with our long time tradition of decking the church with Christmas poinsettias. 
Christmas is also time when we think about and deeply miss our loved ones who have died.  So, like other years we will have the opportunity to offer these Christmas flowers for the glory of God and in memory of those we love. This is our way of honoring them, praying for them, and bringing them with us into our time of worship and thanksgiving for the miracle of Christmas.
If you would like to participate in this custom, please provide us with the names of the deceased loved ones you would like to remember along with a donation.  The suggested donation is $8.00 per name, but please do give only as you are able and so moved.  You may email the names of your loved ones to us and use our online “give” button on website in order to donate.  On the online form you will find a memo line that you can utilize to designate the donation as “Christmas flowers.”  You may also mail the names and/or a check to the church office.  Please have your names to the church no later than Friday, December 19th.
Thank you, and may God richly bless you during this season of Advent preparation for Christmas. 

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