A Note from the Rector – 10/4/20

We are all dealing with a lot right now.  As a church we have had to adapt to unprecedented situations just as we all have had to do so in our personal and professional lives.  Our “hybrid” worship style–with limited in-person gatherings combined with online live streaming and Zoom worship opportunities–has not been without challenges. Nevertheless, it has worked remarkably well, thanks to the hard hard work and dedication of a lot of folks.  

As the year turns toward Fall and Winter, we are rethinking the ways we do outreach, stay connected with our ministry partners, and celebrate special events and holidays.  In this “Note” I want to highlight how we will continue to love our neighbors with two outreach projects.  

Scripture reminds us that it is better to give than to receive.  In difficult times and in times of stress, it’s amazing how cathartic and healing it can be to focus on helping others instead of focusing on our own anxieties and problems.  In part, that is what we do with our outreach programs.

Last year Holy Apostles put together nearly 20 thanksgiving meals to be distributed by the Ardmore Food Pantry to those in need.  This year, the food pantry is doing things differently, but we will still have a way to contribute.  They would like us to donate $25 gift cards to Giant, Acme, or Trader Joes that they can give to families who might not otherwise have a very abundant Thanksgiving.  Holy Apostles has set a goal to contribute 50 gift cards! You can mail them or drop them off at Holy Apostles anytime between now and November 10th.  

Last year was the 25th consecutive year that we have partnered with Connect-by-Night to provide a whole month of shelter and lunches to our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.  Because of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, the Connect-by-Night leadership is not asking churches to house people overnight this year.  Instead, they’ve converted their day shelter near the 69th street station into an overnight shelter.  They are asking their partners (including us) to help provide food, hygiene items, and gym equipment for the guests they are housing there.  Now more than ever, we need to be committed to serving those in need in our community.  We know that by serving them, we are truly serving Christ. (Matthew 25). As December approaches, look for more information about ways that you can safely get involved.

Author: jstambaugh

Rector of Church of the Holy Apostles, Penn Wynne, an Episcopal Church in Wynnewood, PA.

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