A Note from the Rector – 6/14/20

I am very happy to announce that the bishop has approved our plan to restart limited in-person worship! These small, worship gatherings will begin June 21, 2020.  Understanding that not all of us are comfortable coming back just yet, we will continue to live-stream our services on Youtube.  While important to many of us, the building never was the church, we are the church and we are determined to stay connected to one another in this new phase of the church’s life.  Below I have outlined the basics of our regathering plan.  The full plan can be found here.  We will have a Zoom Q and A session about our plan this coming Thursday, June 18 at 6:30PM.  I am very grateful to everyone who made and is continuing to make this plan a reality. A lot of people did a lot of hard work on this. Thank you!

  • Attendance for each service will be limited to 25 people.  We will use a signup sheet to coordinate attendance.  You can sign up here: https://reopen.church/r/O1YiPK9V  
    If possible, please sign up for as many Sundays as you can schedule in advance by June 19.  This will help us in planning the services for the summer.  We have also sent out a paper RSVP form.  
  • I want to assure you that if you want to come to church, you will be able to come.  We will open a second or even a third Sunday service as necessary to accommodate everyone.
  • If you have any trouble with the signup sheet or RSVP, contact Beth Johnson at bethjohnson514@gmail.com or Deb Stambaugh at 505-980-4300.
  • Before you come to church self-screen for fever.  If you are sick do not come to church.  This is a matter of loving our neighbors as ourselves.  
  • Persons (families) will be required to sit 10 feet apart from other persons (families);
  • Sadly, we must wear face masks; Please wear your face mask at all times unless you are receiving communion;
  • We cannot sing as a congregation at this time and choral singing is also not possible.  We will have a soloist/cantor and 
  • Social distancing means that we will stay at our seating areas and wave during the passing of the peace;
  • Ushers will be there to provide friendly guidance; and 
  • Eucharist will be received as the bread only.

If you have any questions, you may contact me directly, or join us for our Zoom Q & A on Thursday.  You are all in my prayers and I am looking forward to sharing this next phase of our worship together.  

Author: jstambaugh

Rector of Church of the Holy Apostles, Penn Wynne, an Episcopal Church in Wynnewood, PA.

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