A Note from the Rector – 1/19/2019

Thanks to all who are travelling this morning to Holy Apostles and the Mediator either by bus or by car, and to all who participate in the service.  

Just picking up and moving our entire service is a really nerve-wracking thing for me.  Such an important part of our identity and ministry involves staying put: being present in the middle of the place in which God has put us, and providing a constant, dependable spiritual presence in a particular location i.e. this neighborhood.  That’s what being a parish church is all about. A parish is defined as a geographical area of spiritual responsibility.  

At the same time, God is always calling us out of our comfort zones.  God’s Spirit is always on the move, inside and outside the Church, crossing borders, and calling us to follow Jesus wherever that might lead.  This tension—between the principle of stability and the movement of God’s Spirit—creates a kind of dynamism and hopefully fills us with energy for ministry and mission and outreach, both in our backyards and beyond.

In Christ,


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