A Note from the Rector – 12/22/2019

Advent is drawing to a close.  Slowly, as the days got shorter, the number of our candles grew.  Now we have only a few short days to wait, and then the light and glory of Christ’s Nativity is here.  

I want to thank Dan McKeon, our Parish Communications Coordinator for all the extra work this time of year brings, with many extra service leaflets to print.  

I would also like to thank Paul Emmons, our organist and choir director, for the extra music that we receive as a gift this year.  

Finally, I want to thank Suzanne & David Lees for hosting our Christmas Caroling Party, Deb Stambaugh and Arreon Harley-Emerson for coordinating the caroling and making us sound so good, and to all who came out on a chilly Friday evening to sing and spread good cheer in our neighborhood.

Thank you! 

In Christ,


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