A Note from the Rector – 9/15/2019

Last Sunday was a great kick off to the program year.  There were lots of happy kids. The choir sounded great and the ice cream was plentiful. Most importantly, the Penn Wynne branch of the Body of Christ gathered, we were renewed through Scripture and Eucharist, and God was worshipped.   Let’s do all that again this Sunday (except without the ice cream)!  

This Sunday morning we have a special event: Choir School Rally Day!  Arreon Harley-Emerson, the director of our Choir School is going to lead us all in a little choir education exercise during Sunday morning announcements.  I think you’ll be amazed at how fun and engaging his teaching style is. This is to give everyone a taste of what our Choir School program is doing. We started this past week.  We’ve got plenty of space left, if you know anyone who might be interested. Also, now that we’ve started and worked out more logistics, we realize there is a way to open up the program to more families in our parish.  During the first half of the program (from 3:30-4:50p) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’re doing afterschool stuff. Our music lesson and rehearsal takes place 5:00-5:50p. Parents pick up children between 5:50 and 6. This means that if your student can’t participate in the afterschool portion, they may still be able to participate in the music rehearsal portion.  Let us know, we would love to be able to offer excellent musical education to every child, grades 2-5, in our parish. Also, we can use several more adult volunteers. Besides gaining the joy and fulfillment of using your time to enrich the lives of children, and all the temporal and spiritual rewards of serving God in God’s Church, if you volunteer on a regular basis, YOU will become a better singer and learn a lot about music yourself.  There aren’t many volunteer opportunities much better than this.    

Read more about the Director here.

In Christ,

James +

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