A Note from the Rector – 8/18/2019

A big welcome and thank you to the Reverend Canon Greg Smith, our guest celebrant and preacher!  Thank you for being here and leading us in worship! 

By the time you are reading this I will be on vacation in Colorado.  Though I am writing this in advance, I am confident that whatever I am doing when you are reading this, it is very enjoyable and relaxing.  Sunday morning I plan to attend Holy Eucharist at Trinity Episcopal Church in Greeley, Colorado. I am told it is good for me to be in the pews every once in awhile!  

Next Wednesday, August 21stmarks the beginning of my third year as your clergy person. The last two years have gone by very quickly and they have been wonderful.  Holy Apostles truly is a place to belong, and Deb, the kids, and I have found our place here. We are so grateful to you all. I am very excited to share more years of ministry and service to God with you.  We love you all very much.   

I am very excited for the beginning of our program year.  It is going to be a busy and fun Autumn. Starting September 8, we will be returning to our once a month services on the second Sunday of each month–with a twist.  Every Second Sunday we will begin at 5PM with Youth Group. This will be a time for students 12 and up to gather together, hang out, and learn more about the faith while having fun.  There will be games, and silliness, as well as conversation about serious questions of faith and life. We are looking for ways to get involved in other youth happenings in the area and around the diocese.  Youth group will be followed by Family Evening Worship at 5:45PM. We need your help to spread the word! 

–      Parents: please tell your youth about Youth Group and encourage them to come.

–      Parents: what is a good way for the church to communicate with youth?  

–      Youth (if you’re reading this): We need a cooler name than “Youth Group” and “Family Evening Worship.” The abbreviation, FEW, totally gives off the wrong vibe.  Do you have any ideas for a better name?      

In Christ,

James +

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