A Note from the Rector – 8/4/2019

This Sunday’s liturgy lab will briefly explore the components, significance, and history of our Eucharistic Prayers.  In last week’s note I described the various Eucharistic prayers which are approved for use in our church.  

At the 10AM service, we will use Eucharistic Prayer D, which will illustrate our conversation.  As you will immediately note, using a prayer which is in our Book of Common Prayer and is already used occasionally is not very experimental.  My interpretation of the Episcopal Church’s rules (known as canons) with which I am bound under oath to comply is that it is impermissible to use an experimental prayer during our principal Sunday celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.  

However, during a Eucharist which is not the principal Sunday service, a more experimental Eucharistic prayer may be used as long as it follows the general outline provided in the Book of Common Prayer.  So, this coming Tuesday, August 6 at 6:30, we will celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration using an experimental Eucharistic Prayer that I have written for the occasion. See you there!

In Christ,

James +

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