A Note from the Rector – 9/16/2018

Last Thursday at 11AM was the inaugural meeting of our weekly Bible Study.  It was fantastic.  Five of us sat around the table in the Memorial Room.  We each brought our different interests and life experience, and with a prayer we opened up our Bibles together and discussed what we read there.  It was not a class.  It was discussion, and a time of mutual learning and discovery.  For me, it is a great honor and joy to be part of such a holy time.  We began reading the Acts of Apostles.  The 5th book of the New Testament, right after the 4 Gospels, Acts was written toward the end the 1st century (A.D. 80-90).  It is the sequel to the Gospel of Luke and describes the actions that founded the early church, starting with Christ’s Ascension.  It is a theological narrative: a story that tells us something about God, and about ourselves.  It is an extraordinary book, and full of many little surprises.  Whether you’re new to Bible study, or whether you’ve read and studied Acts many times, you are guaranteed to learn something new and life-giving.

I know many folks work during this time.  For you there will be many other opportunities this Fall and Winter to gather and learn about our faith together.  You are also welcome to read the book of Acts along with us.  For those who can join us, even once in a while, please do. I am convinced you will find it a positive and faith-building experience.  Here is our tentative reading schedule for the next several months.  We may have to adjust as we go along because we’re taking our time, but this will give you an idea of where we’ll be if you’d like to jump in sometime!

Thursdays – 11AM

Sept. 13 – Introduction 1:1-11

Sept. 20 – 1:12-26

Sept. 27 – 2:1-12

Oct. 4 – 2:14-36

Oct. 11 – 2:37-47

Oct. 18 – 3:1-10

Oct. 25 – 3:11-26

Nov. 1 – 4:1-37

Nov. 8 – 5:1-16

Nov. 15 – 5:17-42

Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving; No Bible Study



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