From the Deacon’s Desk # 1

Starting my first day at Holy Apostles, I began saying Morning Prayer at 8am in the quire section of the church every morning that I am at the church.  I will continue this practice, and will announce in the weekly announcements, on the website, and/or on Facebook what my schedule will be each week.  Anyone and everyone (including children) are most welcome to join me for Morning Prayer anytime.

Morning Prayer from the BCP is a beautiful service and is very ancient.  Our version of the service, along with Evening Prayer and Compline, are derived from the Daily Office prayed by English Benedictine monks and nuns in the late Middle Ages.  The Christian pattern of praying at certain times of the day ultimately descends from Jewish daily prayer practices from the time of Jesus’ first apostles (see Acts 3:1)!

I believe prayer—including, but not limited to Morning Prayer—is the cornerstone of the Church.  I want it to be the centerpiece of everything that I do at Holy Apostles.  I know that some might like to be present for Morning Prayer at the church but are prohibited by time or distance constraints.  God honors prayer from any location!  I encourage each of you to pray every day, whether you use the Book of Common Prayer (a magnificent thing to do!), or not; whether you are able to come to the church building itself, or not.  Please pray: pray for me and for each other.  Pray for our neighborhoods, our country, and our world.

If you want to give Morning Prayer from the Prayer Book a try on your own, but are unsure of how it works, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

With love,

Deacon James

Author: jstambaugh

Rector of Church of the Holy Apostles, Penn Wynne, an Episcopal Church in Wynnewood, PA.

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